Friday, January 28, 2011

The Balance Between Novelty and Tradition

fishintheatticstudio Etsy Seller, c. 1970 original fabric Louis XV Bergere Chairs

Novelty drives decoration.  The interest has to be there to draw people in and say, "I LOVE this!"  And usually what makes people say that they love a room's decoration is if there is both something that they are familiar with and also something that is innovative and unique.

So how do you collect and invest in your decorating, but still make the design appealing, continually fresh?, newly upholstered Bergere Chairs

These chairs in each of these pictures are the same style, but the pictures are taken decades apart.  And not everything in this room from 1970 could be put together in a room today and look fresh.  THAT IS THE WHOLE POINT!  But classic pieces like these bergeres, the Hepplewhite accent table near the fireplace, and that gorgeous antique style chest of drawers under the window could make such a beautiful room today!

These are pieces well worth collecting!  Here are some other ways to decorate with bergeres (timeless) using today's styles (trendy):, B is for Bergere, Perfect slumber, why dost thou elude me?, Welcome Anne of the City Sage!

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  1. I love novelty furniture items. It would be really nice to have a novelty accent table. An accent table would be the perfect thing to put in my living room.