Monday, January 20, 2014

Hire Larsen Interiors

What's Larsen Interiors like?

Organized, sensitive, detail oriented, artistic, and money conscience.  I know, unusual combo--but that's what it takes to be a designer!  You can relax, and enjoy having someone who has done this before track down that light fixture or find out prices on granite slabs without doing all the work.

How much does it cost?

I charge an hourly fee, and we set up a contract detailing the work before I begin.

I've found that I save my clients AT LEAST 10% in mistakes (ugly tile purchase, regret-able placement of cabinets etc.).

Will I like what is chosen?

Before we buy ANYTHING, you will have a floor plan and images of the re-designed spaces with details on specific paint colors, chairs, faucets, and other products.  I provide initial plan options for homeowers to consider before the finished design is completed. We review my ideas together to tweak until we are ready. This is a 2 week process that ends with meeting general contractors who can do the work.

Contact Natalie

Cell Phone: 801.930.0572

Updated March 2018

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