Saturday, January 25, 2014

Things to Do In Amsterdam, Netherlands (Amsterdam Holland)

For vacations and tourism, flights in Salt Lake City have dropped for Amsterdam, Netherlands.  In March, on the first weekend, you could fly for as little as $1100, with Delta, connecting in Philadelphia--but no overnight layover!  Another bonus: Amsterdam hotels are less expensive in the March compared to Tulip Season (April 16-May 4) and mid-late summer.

Canal in Amsterdam,

Top Five Things to Do in Amsterdam:

#1 Concertgebouw, "Concertgebouw", "Dinner in the Mirror Hall", "Amsterdam's Concertgebouw"

#2 Central Library

Central Public Library Amsterdam, "Central Public Library Amsterdam"

#3 Prisengracht Canal

Amsterdam - Prinsengracht Canal - Preview Image, "Prisengracht Canal"

#4 Anne Frank Museum, "Opening Hours, Prices, Location"

#5 Van Gogh Museum

File:WLANL - Minke Wagenaar - Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam 159.jpg, "Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam"

For certain, Jon and I would bike ride around the city:, "Bicycles and Waterways of Amsterdam"

Go to the most walkable area of the city (Old Town):

And maybe check out the hotel that Design Mom wrote about on the other side of town, the Lloyd Hotel:, "Lloyd Hotel"

Beautiful place to visit!

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