Thursday, March 3, 2011

Client Perspective on Working with a Designer

Last night I found such a fun post by Terry Kearns at Architectural Tourist here.

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If you want to get an idea of what hiring a designer is like, read it!  He talks about the personal information you have to give to the designer, because this is your home their designing.  Also, the convincing a designer will have to do for you as they make suggestions.  At the end he describes how improved and different shopping with his designer is, and driving home after such a trip while thinking about a pair of lamps the whole way--now that he's seen them with his designer.  

Here is my favorite part:

Designers have many big chores.
  • Make your space easier to live with.
  • Make your space beautiful.
  • Make your space easy to keep beautiful.
  • Do it on a budget.
  • Sell professional judgment and educate the client.
  • Bite his tongue to keep peace and family harmony.
Terry, you are so spot on, fun, and informative.  Thank you so much for explaining this professional service on your blog!

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