Thursday, May 24, 2012

Why aren't more new buildings styled traditional?

On Tuesday, we took our cub scout den to a local architectural firm.  They were so generous to walk our boys around and talk to them for 1 hour +!!  So much talent there, and so committed to the philosophy of modernity.  Almost everything they design is modern.  And then, I can't think of one architectural firm in Salt Lake that doesn't use modern styling.  Here is our new library--very modern:

Millcreek Library, Salt Lake County, Utah

This is the new shopping center in downtown Salt Lake--illusions to traditional, but not:

City Creek Center, Salt Lake City

Here is the downtown courthouse that was built several years ago--also with illusions to traditional styles:

Salt Lake City Courthouse

Why doesn't anyone design something like this Boise Carnegie Library from so long ago:

Boise, Idaho Carnegie Library

The architects that we spoke to on Tuesday said that it would be "fake" to design a building that is traditional.  I think that everyone would be drooling to hire you for their next project if you did something as radical and different now-a-days as a traditional building!  What a way to set you apart!  My scout partner said that she just feels like modern buildings have so much concrete that they are uninviting.  I think that she is right:

Photo of the new San Diego Supercomputer Center building extension, San Diego University Super Computer Center at UCSD

Well, check out this blog for the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art.  Here is a picture from a recent post on the blog announced a pattern book that Texas Chapter of ICA & CA and Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity and Lambert's have sponsored as part of a project for a section of Dallas to be redeveloped by Habitat for Humanity (love their ReStores!!)

Mary Myers, Kaitlyn Smous, Lou Stousland: Univ. of Notre Dame

Exciting to know that there are chapters around the country of this Institute if Classical Architecture and Art!!

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