Saturday, July 28, 2012

Summer Decorating

The 24th of July is Pioneer Day in Utah.  We found a fabulous place to watch the parade this year.

AND even though I am doing a daily art/science/field trip activity with the boys during the summer, I still have managed to keep working on the house.

We bought a used piano and Jon moved it in with the help of our brothers:

I spray-painted a shoe cupboard that I bought at the thrift store months ago:

And I have been tinkering with art again:

I can't wait to get the dining room pulled together.  Here's the inspiration board:

Dining Room No Hutch

Or maybe:

Dining Room Rug #2

Add that to the growing list of things to take care of once school starts again . . .

But the most exciting thing about the house is that we are going to be getting our concrete driveway soon!!  I have spent many, many hours pouring over my landscape plan, talking to contractors, and running numbers.  We are excited to have it done.

Photos coming soon of the real thing, but here is the general idea of our front-yard-to-be:

Kimbary Low Wall


  1. A very lovely piano. Congratulations!

    1. Thanks Carol :) We're glad to have it. Just wishing for ear plugs some of the time . . .