Monday, March 11, 2013

Client Master Bathroom

Right now I am helping a delightful couple to update their master bathroom.  I have been designing their shower, vanity, and tub into every corner of the space, which is about 300 square feet!  The choices are many--and this is a good problem.  Here is an example of my latest floor plan option:

Last week I finalized two different materials and finishes boards for my clients to look at.  The first one is more casual, white, and playful:

Final Lui M Bathroom

The second one is more refined and has more dark colors mixed in:

Lui Master Bath

Once we finalize the floor plan and the materials/finishes, we can start hiring workers and taking the old bathroom apart.  Exciting!

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  1. Natalie, I am so excited for you. The plans are beautiful. It will be amazing and your clients will love it!!