Wednesday, June 26, 2013

House Color Combinations

Sue and I are cousins by marriage.  We met a few years ago when Jon and I took the boys to see where his mom grew up on the east coast.  Because Jon lost his mom to cancer when he was 15, we are eager for any connection with her family.  We were so lucky to have Sue taking us around Branford Connecticut telling us about the family and summers that she spent there with Jon's mom.

Sue is a master seashell finder!  Here we are with seashells from beloved Short Beach near Branford (above).  This is in October, but wouldn't it be the best place to laze away a summer afternoon?  Sue said that parking is horrific here in the summers, and the beach is only for homeowners who live nearby.  We were lucky to come in the off-season.

Sue's dad and Jon's mom's dad are brothers.  Can you tell??

Here my son is playing near the Yale Yacht Club which happens to be located on the same Short Beach that Jon's mom grew up playing on as a young girl in the summers.

The boys loved the beach!

We are so happy for Sue because she is getting ready to retire, and has found a home in Florida to buy.  I was excited when Sue asked me for advice with how to paint the new home's exterior.  Right away I copied a picture from the real estate website into my program, and got to work making up different color combinations.  Here is the house they bought:

With that classic red brick and the charming arches in between each porch post, we knew we could make it look great.  Here are the four options that we tried:

grey with blue doors/shutters

brown with white doors/shutters

grey with red doors/shutters

yellow with black doors/shutters

Sue and her daughter chose the grey and blue.  I think that it will look fantastic!  Congratulations on the house Sue!

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