Thursday, September 3, 2015

Moving Color Around a Room

Moving color around a room is the same goal an artist has for moving color around their canvas.


Pink is not big yet in Utah, but it's getting there, and this picture illustrates perfectly the idea of moving color around a room.  Notice how your eye bounces from the front door to the painting to the armchair?

Great artists, like George Seurat, knew how to do this effortlessly with their compositions, using a strong color like red.

See how your eye goes immediately to #1?  Then moves in a circle around the painting to each red color?  You can do this with a room in your own home. Take a picture of the room, and look at it when you're not thinking a lot about it.  Notice where your eye goes first, and see if you can repeat that in other parts of the room.

When I designed this master bath remodel, I knew that the white pedestal tub would really pop with a dark floor.  (This tile is a porcelain slate look-alike from Home Depot.  Score for my client!) Look how well this turned out!  But the dark color of the floor needed to be repeated in other parts of the room.  I added dark frames with the art work, contrasting it with a white mat board.  The bookcase is white also, and really pops the dark storage baskets.

Try it out for yourself.  Ask a pro to create the effect for you. It's the key to a well designed room.

If you want help with a room that you absolutely love, contact me about my design services. 

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