Friday, July 16, 2010

Strong Patterns Date a Room

Do you ever wonder what people were thinking "back then" when you come across an estate sale or a thrift store donation that is wild with yesteryear pattern? Here at The Philosophy of Interior Design, I use vintage decorating books to philosophize about what is timeless and what is trendy in decorating.  Take a look at these decorating book ideas . . .

The Practical Encyclopedia of Good Decorating and Home Improvement, 1970

Better Homes and Gardens Stretching Living Space 1983

House Beautiful Decorating Style 1992

Natural Color Palettes, 2000

The only pattern that I have seen in vintage decorating books that is still beautiful is the pictoral grisaille.  This below is incredibly timeless to me, but it is from my mom's 1977 how-to guide on wallpapering.

I'm shying away from spending much time or money on decorative patterns. Right now wallpaper is becoming so popular. If I follow this trend, I'm going to make sure that the wallpaper is easy to remove for when I don't like it anymore.  And I have already done this once in the last three years: put up wallpaper and then torn if off and painted.  Can you see why (see below)??????

our kitchen, end of 2007

But who can resist these traditional wallpapers??

There are at least a few blogs commenting on how beautiful Summer's blue toile wallpaper is in her apartment.  I must not be the only one thinking more and more seriously about strong patterns.

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