Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Window Treatments are Quickly Dated

One of the most surprising rules that I have found in my thrift store cache of old decorating books is that window treatments almost always date a room.

The Practical Encyclopedia of Good Decorating and Home Improvement, 1970

Better Homes and Gardens Stretching Living Space, 1983

House Beautiful Decorating Style, 1992

Natural Color Palettes, 2000

Is there a classic window treatment?  Jackie Kennedy ordered draperies for the East Room in 1962/1963 that are still there today.

whitehousemuseum.org, East Room 2009

But this type of ultra-formal treatment is hardly useful for so many windows in a typical suburban home.  I say that you just enjoy the window treatment that works the best for your room design, and don't put too much money into it; you'll be changing them in 10+ years.

our living room, this month

I've only had these bamboo shades from overstock.com with the Walmart tablecloth fabric panels for about 9 months.  Something isn't quite right in this room, and as soon as I figure it out, I'm going to change the design.  Stay tuned.

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