Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hotel Room Feel or Bread and Breakfast Feel?

Settlers Inn in Hawley, PA; photographed by Jumping Rocks Visuals 

There is a blog by Jumping Rocks (and a great video too) that has amazing photography of well-decorated Bread and Breakfasts.  (Their blog is so interesting to me even as a designer, and they mention that the furniture arranging they do for a shoot often stays that way because the owner likes the look they've created so much.)  They really capture what is so different about B&Bs compared to hotels.  Granted, there are marginally decorated B&Bs and there are some incredible looking hotel rooms out there, but on the whole, hotels just don't have the same warmth and interest that B&Bs do.

Super 8 in  Grangeville, Idaho

Hotels always have that same headboard, that same polyester bedspread with the poly/cotton backing and onion stitching.  Usually in a terrible pattern.  The carpet has no pad, the headboard is glued to the wall, and the art is generic.  These are all for a reason, I know.  There are people out there who pay for a hotel and trash the place.  I would be covering my losses just the same if I ran a hotel.

Country Living

But no one wants to feel sterile in their own home.  Avoiding the matchy-matchy bedroom sets, the overly coordinated bedding sets, and the department store artwork is best.  This really helps to give your own bedrooms a better feel: more intrigue and personality.  Look at the secretaire in this bedroom.  So much better than two matching night stands!!

If only my home came with breakfast made for me every morning like a B&B . . .

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