Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Professional or Novice Photography of Interiors

Loi Thai's house was featured in the Washington Post last year, and one of his bedrooms inspired me to get rid of our bedroom dresser and switch to something tall with shelves.  The Washington Post doesn't keep a link to features that old, but I found plenty of pictures of his other rooms online.  What is interesting is the difference in quality.

Traditional Home

Look at how amazing this living room is!  But can you believe that each photo is of the same room??  Now, the work that making an appointment to visit Loi Thai and taking pictures in his home plus posting them is much appreciated in the blogging world.  Most of us take pictures just like this, even to sell our home!!  But can you believe what better lighting and a different camera angle can make?!  This is all thanks to the team of professionals that Traditional Home had to dedicate to this article.  Something that us bloggers don't have.

And this is a nice looking area across from the couch.  Compare it to Traditional Home though . . .

Traditional Home

The lighting, the straight on shot, the absence of distracting shadows all make the Traditional Home photo so much better.  Look at the styling.  See how they have taken pictures that complement the green in the antique secretary?  These pictures were originally just across the room on a different wall.  A strait on shot also helps you to appreciate the lines in the secretary more.  So many other improvements.

Apartment Therapy, Loi Thai's home in Washington DC area

Loi Thai has a beautiful house.  We probably all have beautiful areas of our homes too.  But taking some time to get the shot right technically and style wise is obviously worthwhile.  I'll be posting more information on how to do this as I do some research along the way.

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