Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Damask Wallpaper Reinvented from the 1960s?

Here is a history of damask from (post Pink Damask Crib Bedding)

"Textile historians are not unanimous as to the origin of Damask design in which images of some plant or animal or both are used to create the pattern, but many of them think that it might have been originated in China and ultimately through India and Persia it reached and became the main export of Damascus of Syria which gave the design its present name. Those traveling the high seas trading exotic goods came back to Europe with this fabric and it quickly became what the upper classes craved because they were the only ones who could pay the high price that was asked for it.", . . . Tiffany's . . . ("Breakfast at Tiffany's" 1961)

McCall's Decorating Book, 1964

Flocked damask is everywhere in decorating products right now--wallpaper, bedding, upholstery, art, to name a few. Notice a similarity between these images (above) from the 60s and these (below) from today?

Damask wallpaper living room, Modern Interior Wall Decorating with Damask Wallpaper, Modern Interior Wall Decorating with Damask Wallpaper, Classix Exotic Flock: Damask Flock on Silver Paper

Damask is so hot in weddings too . . ., Black and White Flocked Damask Sheer Organza Table Runner, Luxe Black Flocked Damask Invitation Set with Buckle

Timeless or trendy?  The Philosophy of Interior Design votes both ways. . .

Could be timeless: can use with a variety of decorating styles, has been part of decorating for more than one decade.

Could be trendy: high contrast pattern, hot with weddings, hasn't been part of decorating for EVERY decade.

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