Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Best Free Way to Make an Inspiration Board

I feel so much excitement and clarity about my clients' projects now that I have discovered!  Once I'm to the point with the client that I am ready to make one (pictures and measurements and desires received from the client, the floor plan is made) I think about the project while I'm getting to sleep and as soon as I wake up. has given me a way to solidify and communicate all of these thoughts, and to keep them going and perfect them.

Some day I'll see what Gimp has to offer, but for now, I won't even bother checking into Mosaic Maker.  It's just not complex enough for interior design.

Here is what I've been able to make up for a couple of friends I am helping right now:

Gregory Family Room
Basement Family Room, by Larsen Interiors

Dubreuil Dining Room
Dining Room by Larsen Interiors

This is such a great way to inspire and communicate with clients!

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