Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hand Drawings for Decorating Prep

The point with renderings, quick sketches, inspiration boards, materials and finishes boards, and floor plans is to help the designer fine tune the plan that she has in her head, and--most importantly--communicate that design to the person who is going to live in and pay for the design.

Korth Residence by Natalie Larsen, Larsen Interiors

When Jon and I were getting ready to decorate our master bedroom for our anniversary, I just got out type paper and my Prisma markers and made a few different color schemes.  I taped them around the kitchen and when he got home, he would look at each one.  We talked about which one we like best.

Quick Sketch by Natalie Larsen, Larsen Interiors

We chose this one (above).  So the next morning, I drew the other two walls using that color scheme, and made sure that Jon liked them.

Quick Sketch by Natalie Larsen, Larsen Interiors

Can you tell how quick they were??  Then, I pulled out the swatch of paint that we had already put on the walls (and wanted to keep).

I started going to stores.  I bought the clearance brown fabric for the headboard to deliver to an upholsterer.  I needed a swatch of that fabric too.

I was looking for an end table and looking for any corner cabinets for cheap that would be better than our bookcase.  I went to choose the carpet at my dad's showroom.  I brought samples home to make sure I chose the right color.

And the curtains that I found at JC Penney were such a surprising color after looking at many many fabrics to make my own.

This is beautiful fabric, but it would have made the room look washed out because the wall color is so light.

I had this paint swatch in my collection (buried under browns and red and greys and blue/greens).  It matched the curtains perfectly.  I laughed when I saw how the warmth of this color matches the original vision that I had for the curtains.

Quick Sketch by Natalie Larsen, Larsen Interiors

And now Jon says that he is happy every time he goes into our room (below).

Those quick sketches and samples are what kept me on track.

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