Monday, February 7, 2011

Three Free Ways to Make a Virtual Inspiration Board

Inspiration boards are the calling card for interior designers.  The "wow" factor for getting your client excited about the project as you finalize the design.  Here is an idea board from just a month ago on a new blog I just discovered.  Autumn, from mydesigndump., client inspiration + tween idea board

Here are three ways to make a virtual inspiration board:

1. Gimp (free version of photoshop): powerful software with a steep learning curve, but worth the effort., Sneak Peak June 8, 2010

2. Mosiacmaker: tiled images like this below . . .

How To Create A Mood/Inspiration Board I: The SuperEASY Way :  wedding los angeles themes Z10899701 z10899701, How to Create a Mood/Inspiration Board I: The Super EASY Way

3. Another website, similar to the fashion/party site Polyvore, is  JPM Designs was singin' it's praises last summer.  I'm hoping that it is as easy as reported.

I'd like this room, top olioboards of the moment

I'll be posting later about the benefits of each.

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