Monday, March 28, 2011

The Leather Couch Craze, Part 4

There are so many other ways, besides the typical style that I described in Part 3, to decorate with leather sofas and couches.  What is important to remember is that -yes- each room in the following photos have leather couches.  But they each tell a different story as I described in a former post here.  Notice how hot leather chesterfield sofas are and how each tells a different story depending on the other items in the room.


brown leather L-shaped sofa with orange pillows, Contemporary Decorating for Real Life

Coffee table and couch, Living Room Makeover, Black and White Living Room, At the Movies

London Leather Sofa, London Leather Sofa

overall family room, 8 Ways to Kid Friendly a Room, Joshua & Anat Kastiel

CHESTERFIELD LEATHER SOFAS, An All-American Home with a Well-Traveled Style, free chesterfield sofa

couch, sneak peak: elias and theresa carlson

01.31.09_Chesterfield_01.jpg, Inspiration: Chesterfield Sofa, Black Leather Sofa Decorating, Equestrian Chic
TRADITIONAL, Key West Vacation Home, Worldly Influences in a Houston Home


Now . . . What am I going to say in our house with our own leather couch?!  I'll post about that next with an inspiration board I've put together to explain my plan.


  1. Hi there, Natalie:)

    We wanted you to know that we reposted one of the photos from your blog. Credit is given and the photo links back to you.
    Thank you so much for the inspiration and we appreciate your lovely work. The photo we reposted can be seen here, on feather & Nest Style: and also on Facebook at Feather & Nest. We hope to hear from you and would love to visit your Facebook page if you have one available?

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  2. As individuals are following more vintage tendencies in household furnishing, a leather couch is selling more than ever.

  3. Actually, this main stream decorating with leather is an anomaly to our time period. Leather used to be even more incredibly expensive. There are not strong associations with leather couches in decorating from 50 years ago. Leather was a specialty item that people splurged on for an office or a library, and usually on an office chair or something smaller than a couch. Far more common in the vintage decorating (50 years ago) were fabric couches with a pattern.

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