Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hall Bathroom Inspiration

Our "New" Bathroom

I was actually happy about this bathroom.  No 1960s bright pink 4x4 tiles every where.  The dirt and grime really didn't phase me.  But the tub and sink are peeling, and the toilet needs to be reset.  The bathtub has a bucket trap instead of a p trap and no shower head.

We're going to avoid trendy tumbled travertine (see below).  This tile will date bathrooms from today's era; I don't predict this material to be timeless.

merchantcircle.com, travertineshower.jpg

I want something so classic that the materials and colors will still look appealing in 20 years.  Historic luxury hotels often have just these types of bathrooms.  Here are some inspiration pictures that have got my mind humming tonight . . .

southafricahotelsoffer.com, Kurland Hotel, Western Cape, 5 star

tripadvisor.com, Ritz Hotel in Paris

tripadvisor.in, Little America Hotel, Salt Lake City

I'm hunting around tile store clearance tomorrow.  Let's see what I can find . . .


  1. Smart move. What did you end up finding? Our master bath is super basic and big. We could easily redo it in the future...when we know what we want and it becomes important.

  2. Big bathrooms are the best! You can add personality so inexpensively. I could believe how expensive our master bathroom shower became because the space was so small!!

    We ended up not gutting the hallway bathroom instead. We couldn't reconcile gutting this bathroom as well when it really just needed a re-spray of the sink and tub to be functional. Our money was needed elsewhere in the house. We're working on the basement bathroom as soon as the family room/reading nook/hallway is done. Bathrooms are money hogs!