Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Inside of Our New House--Entryway

Here is our foyer.  Call it the entryway. Either one, I'm just thrilled to have it.  Our last house opened right into the living room and now I am thrilled to have this additional space for welcoming guests.

Entryway September 2011

We took this snapshot (above) quickly when we toured the house before making an offer.  The front door will stay.  I know that the stained glass is orange.  But this is part of keeping the charm of an older house by keeping these original materials and finishes., Decorating with Antiques

There are so many fantastic foyers out there, decorated beautifully.  Most of them have a well-crafted stairway going to a second story.  So amazing.  We don't have a second story., Foyer Design, Decorating Tips and Pictures

BUT we do have a stairway going downstairs within view of the front door that will look very striking with the right art work and color scheme.  The banister is already dark stained wood with white spindles, just like some of these staircases pictured., Fabulous Designer Foyers

One important thing to keep in mind with decorating a foyer is traffic flow.  The whole point of the foyer is to get people from outside your house to inside your house.  Don't block this area with furniture--even small furniture--unless you can preserve a 3' wide walking area., Fabulous Foyers

Consider the look that you want.  This is the first area of your house that guests have, and you want to set the tone for the rest of the house.  Make sure that the look is not completely different from the architectural look of your home from the curb.  A sleek modern home from the outside will clash with a farmhouse country entrance., Our Quirky Entryway by Erin Loechner

For our foyer, I want to go a little formal.  Classic formal.  Something similar to the picture below with dado paneling and some timeless wallpaper up top., Markham Roberts Entryway

I would use wallpaper like this grisaille that I talked about here when explaining how wall treatments can date a room.  For now, we'll paint the walls grey on most of the main floor, including the foyer.  A rug, hooks for keys, and some wall art will be hung.

1977 how-to guide on wallpapering

For now, I just can't sleep at night making all of these plans.  We won't have possession of the home for another 10 days or so.  I've got much to write about for the rest of the house.  Stay posted :)

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