Monday, January 16, 2012

Beginnings of a Basement

Here is a sneak peak of the project that we have going on right now (I can hear hammering as I type!):

Jon and I tore out the tile ceilings, wallboard, and brick columns on Saturday morning.  The basement used to look like this--before we bought the house (you can see the bricks that we tore out on your right):

Basements are often finished by homeowners, with no professional help on the floor plan.  For this reason, I don't ever have too much concern over moving/correcting the doorways and walls in a basement.  This basement had an odd diagonal jog of a hallway from one side of the bearing wall to the next.

We are making the longest part of the hallway longer, and getting rid of the hallway that is further down.  Then all of the doorways can be in one place and the rooms will consequently get bigger.  Here is the floor plan from my Chief Architect Home Designer Interiors 10 software, which I LOVE using!!!

Inspiration boards with our paint color, carpet, furniture, lighting, etc. will be coming soon :)


  1. Hurray! It is going to be awesome. Did you figure out what to do with the tile?

  2. The tile hasn't been a concern right now with all the walls moving and the electrical going on this week. Plus Eric had to go to Primary's to get glass out of his foot. Ugh. The tile is in some places now and then it just stops in others with the new hallway. They are 1/8" thick and we've got to decide how best to hide that height under the carpet rather than take it up . . .