Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kate Spade on Timeless Style

I bought this book recently as soon as I saw the headings "wardrobe classics" and "forever clothes" while leafing through it in the store (thrift store I must qualify).  This book has great organization with Kate Spade and her husband's thoughts about style; it also has eye-catching fashion sketches throughout the book.

NY Magazine, Spring Fashion '10
Wanting to know more about Kate Spade, I had a chance to look up some interviews and articles about her.   On February 14, 2010, NY Magazine published an article about her and Andy called, "The Spade's New Bag".  Here is a quote from the article that says it all about style, whether that style be in decorating or fashion:

“I look back at pictures of all of us from college,” says Elyce Arons, “and there’s me in some goofball trendy outfit, and there’s Kate in the perfect navy peacoat, the perfect fisherman’s sweater. Kate and Andy have both always been exactly the same.” Arons laughs. “The thing is, back then I used to think that I was the fashionable one.”

What will we laugh about in the future when we talk about decorating trends from 2012?  Here are some of my guesses:

damask over-kill

bird over-kill

green over-kill

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