Monday, January 9, 2012

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

We bought our house a few months ago, but we didn't move in right away.  The house needed a lot of updating and we could live nearby with my parents for a while.

The master bath was a huge plus for us.  Our previous house was only 2150 square feet, and there was no room for something as frivolous as an extra bathroom to go with the master bedroom!

But our master bath had a major issue: a shower that bathed the whole basement if used.  There were some minor issues too: an unsecured toilet that also leaked water and rocked around on the floor, and an extra door that led to the kitchen--using up precious square footage in a very small area.  Ugh.  We gutted the whole thing.

 I spent a lot of time looking at tile, in the stores, in clearance centers, and at classic bathrooms.  Here are some of the materials that I ended up choosing:

Now that we HAVE moved in, we are happy to have a FUNCTIONING master bath.  And the wainscotting that I installed for days and Jon painted is amazing.  So worth the time and money!

But there is still a lot to do.  We need to wallpaper/paint the top half of the room, put trim around the new window, add hooks to the back of the door for towels, repair the original medicine cabinet and install it, install the wall cupboard, and hang artwork.

I'm hoping to do something like this:

Or this, if we resort to painting (boring!!) the room:


  1. Your wainscoating is amazing. So beautiful and I love that you did it yourself! I'll need some pointers if I ever try it. I really want to put an old trough sink in the kids bathroom.

  2. Such a great feeling to have your own master bath after not having it for awhile. The workmanship looks amazing on the wainscoting. Tell Jon to take a picture of you doing one of the next projects to post here.