Friday, January 6, 2012

Our New House, "Before" Pictures

We first walked through our new house on Labor Day a few months ago.  I am so happy to be sitting on this end of the timeline!!  We were so excited to buy this home, and we are still very glad that we did.  But there has been a lot of work in between this day we took pictures and from where we are today.  I've thrown in some more pictures from the day we took possession of the house, so that the other areas of the house are also represented:

street view

the entry

formal living room

formal dining room

sitting room off of kitchen


hall bath

1st bedroom

2nd bedroom

master bedroom

master bath

basement family room

basement reading nook

basement storage

huge basement bedroom

basement hallway

basement bath

basement kitchen with garage access

attached garage

backyard with covered patio

"Progress" pictures coming soon . . .

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  1. It is awesome! I am so excited for you! Thanks for all the tips. My mind has been racing ever since. I taped out our future kitchen island on the floor and Jared came home and said I thought we were going to wait a while on the kitchen. Little does he know I am going to start hitting up habitat for humanity once a week and see what happens!