Monday, January 23, 2012

Professional Photographs of Our Previous House

My friend Summer Derrick, of Summer Derrick Photography ( took these photos before we moved.

Check out her website and you can see her darling little girl in some GREAT photos, like this one:

THANKS Summer!


  1. The photos are beautiful. Tell me about the headboard you stained for your old master bedroom. How did you know it wasn't working?

  2. That headboard went really well with my chair and antique writing table, but not with the other nightstand I had bought or the artwork or the bookcase I painted. I had to decide which to get rid of. Ultimately, we decided that having an upholstered headboard would be really comfy for reading and sadly--after all my work refinishing it--we sold it. It would have looked so good with the right nightstands and artwork and bedding.