Monday, March 5, 2012

The Black Door Trend

I finished the mud room this weekend: touched up the mint paint around the wainscoting, painted the door trim and baseboards white, hung the light fixture, and hung my horse racing art.  I LOVE IT!  I think that the biggest surprise was how charming the door to the garage became when I painted it black.

Picture coming soon--stay tuned . . .

Black has been dominating decorating trends for a few years now.  Princess Anne County blog did a great post on shutters, door trim, porch columns, window trim, crown molding, floors, ceiling timbers, stair railing, ceilings, fireplaces, walls, and--MOST OF ALL--doors.

The trend with DIY doors right now is BLACK.  For better or for worse.

Here is a collection of pictures to show just how many people are painting doors black:
JK Capri Hotel via
Todd Romano, Elle Decor

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