Thursday, June 14, 2012

New Living Room Chest on Chest

Isn't this chest on chest dresser a beauty?  I found her for $60 at the thrift store, just two weeks ago, right after having lunch with my mom, sister (so fun to have Denise in town!!), Aunt Colleen and my three year old.  At this very lunch, my aunt had just been asking me how I find such great stuff at "The DI" (our local chain of thrift stores).  She had told me how much more the DI charges for jeans compared to Thrift Town and Savers.  But the DI has a big furniture selection that is well priced, and therefore well worth my time.

I've wanted this chest on chest dresser ever since I sold this one:

And I am happy with this one that I had in the living room:

Now it looks great in our newly remodeled basement bedroom.  Hurray!

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