Thursday, March 5, 2015

Classic Design Series, Part 4: Art Dates a Room

We've already talked about how quickly patterns and color schemes date a room.  Now it's time to talk about art.

chesterfield sofa with eclectic art

There are so many different kinds of art: wrapped canvas, framed and matted, mirrors, word art, shadow box framed, etc.  You would think that every house would be sooo unique that the art would not date the room.'s not true.

Look at the black and white photography framed with white mat and black frame that Pottery Barn made famous 10 years ago:

Art in the 2000s inspired by Pottery Barn,
And the Japanese art of the 90s:

Japanese Accents in Western Interiors, 1997

Pastoral scenes in traditional frames were hot in the 1980s, especially with chintz:

1980s Traditional Art in a room full of Chintz,
The 70s gave us modern monochromatic art:

1970s Art is Monochromatic Modern  to go with the Room,
The 50s had a more colorful modern art trend:

1957 Living Room with modern geometric art
So what does this mean when you go to buy art for your decorating project?

1. Unless you are using art as a way to stash your fortune, don't SPEND a fortune!  Find art with the same style you are going for with the rest of the room: modern, industrial, traditional, cottage, etc., by Leverone Design (Lisa Romerein)

Stay away from very very inexpensive art in retail, like this Ballard Designs art over the fireplace. It's ALREADY out of style 2 years later!!

Ballard Designs 2013 giclee art
Don't spend a lot of money on word art.  It WILL go out of style.

bedroom gallery quotes canvas wall art - wall decoration, wall racks and lamps, vases and mirror, "bedroom gallery quotes canvas wall art"

Score art in thrift stores, antique shops, and estate sales.  If you like it 30-50 years after it's been produced, it's probably timeless.

2014 Donna Brown, antique store owner,  Living Room

Good luck with the art!  Next in the series we'll talk about furniture styles dating a room.

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