Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Traditional vs Mid Century Modern Fireplace when Decorating your Living Room

I live in a home that was built in 1960. In the living room, we have both giant picture windows and a small cut class window; we have a traditional stair railing and a giant stone modern fireplace.  Having both traditional and modern elements in the room makes decorating a challenge.

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 A lot of us homeowners have a mid century modern fireplace.  The building boom in the US during the mid 20th century means that all of us living in the inner suburbs of cities around the US have a giant fireplace to work with in our living rooms.

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Popular living rooms right now are based on a traditional fireplace which lend themselves to traditional and rustic decorating.  The furniture styles, furniture arrangement, art, and colors of these living rooms will not work with the mid century fireplace.  BUT it is possible to compliment a mid century fireplace with a few simple decorating ideas.

Here are my rules for making your mid century fireplace look GOOD:

1. Use airy and visually light furniture (empty spaces between floor and bottom).
2. Consider not having a couch.  A couch can often compete with the visual weight of a mid-mod fireplace.

3. Either no art on the fireplace or one large LARGE piece of art.

LA Times "Architect A Quincy Jones"

4. No carpet, yes rug.

5. Don't hide the windows.
6. No patterns.

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7. Subtle color palette.

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