Monday, March 21, 2011

The Leather Couch Craze, Part 1

So you own a leather couch huh?  Thinking about buying a leather couch?  How do you decorate with a leather couch??  Most people are pulled into decorating this way (photo below): recliner style with oriental rug and taupe/light brown wall color, nature prints for art, iron accessories/accent tables.

We own a leather sofa and loveseat ourselves.  We bought them at Costco four years ago.  The sofa looks like this (below), only with more of a mahogany finish.

I want to get rid of them, but they cost us a lot of money!  There must be a way to make my leather couch and YOUR leather couch look good.  With this series, I'd like to teach myself and others what makes good decor with a leather couch (below) . . ., An All-American Home with a Well-Traveled Style

. . . and what makes bad decor with a leather couch (below).

Tomorrow I'll do a post on the most common styles of leather couches available at retail stores today.  Then I'll post with some rooms decorated with leather couches with a timeless style not typical to today's leather couch advertisements.  We'll look at how to make your leather couch look good in your home.

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